Episode 26 – The Mirror

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A young woman claims to have made a deal with the devil that has caused unintended anguish for her entire family in the premiere of this series, which follows a cop-turned-demonologist who battles evil while investigating cases of suspected diabolical activity. This is Paranormal Skeptic Academy!


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4 thoughts on “Episode 26 – The Mirror

  1. Linda Rutter

    Another brilliant episode. I found it hilarious, deeply disturbing and depressing at the idiocy of the people involved. As a qualified Counsellor, my heart went out to the family who clearly had a lot going on emotionally, and needed help desperately but not from a delusional man peddling absolute crazy.

    I hold my hands up, I still have a lot of “woo, woo” in my life, and am wondering if I was blessed at all with a left part of the brain but to be fair I’m making huge leaps toward some form of critical thinking.

    Here in the UK, we have wonderful Skeptic groups dotted around who work relentlessly exposing fraud in the paranormal and alternative medicine field. And, they manage to do this in a professional, calm and friendly way.

    Yesterday, I was open mouthed in disbelief after watching a debate with Sam Harris, Prof Dawkins and Deepack Chopra on Youtube. Astounding; Mr Chopra clearly has no understanding of the scientific method and the work he has so successfully peddled for years, makes absolutely no sense at all. Total Narcissism with these people, they are incapable of feeling any form of embarrassment or culpability for their nonsense once they have been exposed.

    Going back to the Daemon Hunting show, I can’t believe that they are still giving these things air time…..and creating more of the same bollocks. But, I feel the same way about the X-Factor…… when will it all end???

    1. cwebb619cwebb619 Post author

      Sadly, Destination America is the place for all these shows. I will never run out of material. I just wish I could do more shows but they are time consuming to make. Thank you for the support and membership! It shows that my hard work pays off.


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