Episode 2 – Paranormal State Background

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In this episode of Paranormal Skeptic Academy, I am going to give some background on the cast of Paranormal State, where they came from, where they’ve been and where they are now.  This will lay the foundation for the rest of this podcast where I examine specific episodes from the Paranormal State show.  If you have not had a chance, go listen to Episode One of this podcast to get some information on the tools that paranormal hunters use.


2 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Paranormal State Background

  1. Mr_Hunnicutt

    I always find it funny that on these types of shows, whenever they supposedly find “evidence” to support the existence of the supernatural, they pack up their equipment and never come back.
    If an actual scientist were to find such evidence, they’d stick around and milk that location for all the information it was worth.
    ….I’m just say’n.

    1. cwebb619cwebb619 Post author

      I always thought the same thing. Why not do a real investigation? Collect more evidence? I guess it would be a boring show. How exciting is it to watch people analyze data and do graphs? I’d watch but some of these ghost hunters claim to be doing “scientific” research. Just because you use the word science, doesn’t mean what you are doing is science. If that was the case, then Scientology would be legit. Thanks for the comment


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