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In the series premiere, the Ghost Stalkers duo of paranormal investigators Chad Lindberg and John Tenney, both bonding on near-death experiences investigate the Whispers Estate, a Turn of the Century Victorian-style house that some believe is evil. They and many others are convinced that all the negative energy comes from a portal located in the basement, making its way up to the attic where non-human entities are known to come through, including a “goat-man.” This is Paranormal Skeptic Academy!


7 thoughts on “Episode 13 – Whispers Estate

  1. John E.L. Tenney

    I’ll try and get through this whole podcast but 4 minutes into it there are already so many mistakes it’s going to be a tough ride to get through. As always I am available to clarify anything you need, which in these first 4 minutes…you need. Thanks!

  2. Van Renier

    Good Episode, Chris! It was entertaining. I agree with how some of the information is misleading, but there was more historical imformation provided the the TV crew that which they aired. Remember they have to edit down ~24 hours of footage down to ~43 minutes.

    There was so much more historical information we provided to them, but they wanted to focus on the portal, and the ‘goat-man’, completing ignoring all the other activity which occurs in the house, espeeically by the children, and Dr John Gibbons, his wife, Jessie, and 2 members of a family from the 60-70s that passed away there.

    As far as why Van/I wouldn’t go into the basement (during the Ghost Stalkers filming), that’s because I had to drive back to Indianapolis and go back to work. Because there was no ‘transition’ from Van to Gwen, they had to explain that transition away.

    Also There is reported paranormal activity prior to 2006, but the persons that exepreinces those instances did not pbulicly announce the activity. Being the current owner, I’ve spoken with all previous owners of the house from 1960-2007, and they’ve all reported having unexplanable activity within the house. some of this information required multiple visits with those former owners, before they were confortable enough with admitting it (understandbly, they didn’t want to be called a crazy person for thinking it was ghosts and such – remember, it wasn’t until recently that people would openly acknowledge paranormal experiences). The earliest record I have, of a reported paranormal instance in the house, was late 1960, when the then-owners, George and Kinda Fox owned/lived in the house, heard bangs/noises on the 2nd floor. Soon after that, and upon hearing more weird noises within the house (and not something as subtle as old-house creaks) did George seal off the 2nd floor from his family. Linda confided in me in October 2010 at their house, that George was afraid of something within the house, which is why they sealed off the 2nd floor (she also said that if I asked George himself, he may simply state it was becase it cost too much to heat/cool the upstairs), “but he’d be lying”, Linda says.

    There are also senior citizens in the town that state they were told to stay away from that house as it belonged to the “bad doctor” (Dr john Gibbons), and that he took liberties with female patients, unethical operations, etc….). The stories are too numerous to discount, but they’re just that.

    Anything that comes out on TV must be taken with a grain of salt. I too am very skeptical of any paranormal, but 4 months after my 1st visit to Whispers Estate, I had exeprienced enough over those past 3-4 months, that I wanted to purchase the property. There are many night when nothing happens in the house. And while I feel a persons’ subconscious has a lot to do with what they might experience, It is NOT the end-all be-all of those experiences. We often times, have marines, police officers, and non-skeptics come into the house not believing in this stuff, but have had them run out of the house scared sh!tless because of something that occurs (like a candle flying across the room, or hearing the little girls voice in their ear, or growls right next to them, and more.

    Chris, I understand you’re going to pick apart my above comments, and would do the same thing if I were in your spot. I/we can tell you some amazing stories about all the cool sh!t that occurs in this house…. but… until you’ve been hear and exeprienced them for yourself, knowing you searched the house earlier in the nihgt, confirming there IS NO SPEAKERS, NO WIRES, NO ‘normal’ way those things can/could’ve occurred, then everything will simply be a story to you. ((I could tell you about an amazing roller coaster ride, with all the cool things it does; turns right, then left, then loops around, etc… But until you’ve ridden that rollercoaster ride YOURSELF…. it will not be anything more than a story)).

    I won’t be paying for your travel expenses, but if you’re ever in town, and interested in visiting the house, please call us up, 855-557-7665, and let us know you want to visit. We’ll do what we can to help that happen.

    **Of course, it’s a sticky situation, you understand… As I’ve seen it MANY times before: If nothing happens during your visit, you’ll claim “see its not haunted”. If something does occur during your visit, (as which is natural) being that you’re alredy a skeptic, you will purposely disbelieve the experience, coming up with a multitude of explanations just to not admit it may’ve been paranormal. –so, we’re at a lose-lose crossroads here.


    Van Renier

    1. cwebb619cwebb619 Post author


      Thank you for listening and the comments. I strive for accuracy in my episodes and like I said and you referenced, I cannot visit every site and interview neighbors. I rely on these ghost hunting shows to present me the needed information to form a judgement of the evidence presented and that is what my show is about, the actual show aired.

      I strive to take my show on the road and investigate sites myself but I’m not at that level yet. I try hard to give a fair representation of the believers side but again, I rely on the editors of these shows.

      Thank you again for clarifying some gray areas in my episode and thanks for listening, hopefully you will come back for more 🙂

  3. Kenny Biddle

    **Of course, it’s a sticky situation, you understand… As I’ve seen it MANY times before: If nothing happens during your visit, you’ll claim “see it’s haunted, the ghosts just weren’t active this time”. If something does occur during your visit, (as which is natural, since “things” happen constantly, all the time, everywhere, to everyone) being that you’re already a believer, you will purposely believe the experience, coming up with a multitude of explanations just to not admit it may have been a natural and explainable occurrence. –so, we’re at a lose-lose crossroads here.

    See, it works both ways. The difference being that Chris applied critical thinking, logic and actual science to his criticism. While the show demonstrated blind belief, pseudoscience and equipment that was nonsense (wormhole detector). Unfortunately, none of the alleged evidence that has been presented from the location could withstand actual scientific review.

    And I was there. I did search the house myself, along with others. And I did find speakers and wires (I still have the pictures), which suggested that the little girl singing (which used to be the most popular claim from the location) was fabricated. Especially since one speaker had been positioned under the stairs near the open vent in the floor. In fairness, this phenomenon ceased with the previous owner selling).

    I also wouldn’t trust one of the main characters of the show to “clarify” anything concerning “paranormal investigation”. Based on the clarifications presented in the short-lived series, there would only be a continuation of pseudoscientific nonsense and assumption – presented as fact, of course.

  4. John E.L. Tenney

    Again anytime someone wants to specifically address an issue it’s always insightful to actually speak with the person involved. My comment regarding clarification was mostly targeted at the opening segment of this podcast, which discusses me and gets information completely wrong. I always have and always will be available to discuss what did, didn’t, should and shouldn’t have happened during the process of making the show. The after-show breakdowns, posted on my website, was one way of allowing people to see “behind the curtain” I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone on any “paranormal” show more open than me about what was presented. It’s understandable how, due to the editorial process, viewers would think I am not a skeptic and yet I think if anyone actually did their research they would find that one of the most important aspects of Ghost Stalkers is that somehow a non-believer, me, slipped onto a paranormal show and uses the show as a way reach individuals to discuss skepticism and critical thinking. I can understand also how looking at the show one would see it as just another one of the many but looking deeper at who is involved can actually add some clarity.

    1. cwebb619cwebb619 Post author


      Thanks for the comments. As to the inaccuracies in the beginning of the episode, I pulled that information from your about page on your website and interviews you have given. I apologize if I mischaracterized you but I was going by what I read about and from you as well was to what was presented on your show. I strive to be as accurate as possible in the information I present and I look forward to speaking with you soon to discuss these matters.

  5. Kenny Biddle

    John…I agree, and you are correct that it is better to speak with the individual about specific issues. I met you several years ago at a conference, in which you were selling “In Search Of…” t-shirts (I purchased one, it was a great show), and I did get the impression you were somewhat a skeptical minded individual. However, when I watched this show, I saw nothing of skepticism or critical thinking. Rather, I saw pseudoscience, logical fallacies, and assumptions…as well a routine “ghost hunting” show. It drastically changed my impression of you.

    I understand that you probably have little to no control over final editing, but it is presented as a “reality” show (no, I do not see any paranormal show as “reality”), and that is how the majority of the paranormal community & public sees it, and you. When you claim that “one of the most important aspects of Ghost Stalkers is that somehow a non-believer, me, slipped onto a paranormal show and uses the show as a way reach individuals to discuss skepticism and critical thinking.” – I have trouble accepting that because again, I saw none of that within the show…not even a bit. It makes me wonder why you would commit to a project such as that show… Unless it was pitched at you from a different angle (this has happened to friends in the past, so I do know it happens).

    I’ve been very critical of the show, as it was aired. But, I’d like to hear what you have to say, and accept your offer to clarify & discuss what did, didn’t, should, and shouldn’t have happened. I do a podcast, recorded every Wednesday night starting at 10 pm EST, with a co-host (Lou) from California (The time difference of the east & west coast is the reason we start so late). I would like to invite you on to talk about these topics. Let’s get deeper into the clarity. Does this sound agreeable to you?


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