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Welcome Paranormal Skeptic Academy listeners! I have a special guest with me today, John Tenney, co-host of the Destination America show Ghost Stalkers. As most of you know, I reviewed the first episode of Ghost Stalkers in episode 13. John listened to some of it and commented on the episode at the website. I invited John on the the show to help clarify and clear up anything I may have gotten wrong and to have a conversation about the paranormal.

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4 thoughts on “Bonus: Interview with John Tenney

  1. Chriss Pagani

    Will the real John Tenney please stand up? …and now there are two guys standing there…

    He tells a good story, but I am not sure which John is real: The one who talks about capturing full body apparitions on video, EVPs, and all that. Or the guy who says it’s all bullshit.

    If he had said something like, “Maybe paranormal phenomena exist, maybe they don’t, I just don’t have enough evidence,” then at least he’d be in the ballpark of John Tenney as portrayed on his show and the one who appeared on this podcast. Sort of.

    We’d still have some cheesy equivocation: You can’t tell your audience you might have captured paranormal evidence while actually believing that no such evidence exists. Well, you can do that, but you’re admitting to being a huckster in that case; no better than a Sylvia Browne or any other person who makes a public living off of the paranormal while privately calling it bullshit.

    1. cwebb619cwebb619 Post author

      After listening back to the interview and hearing him on other podcast, I think he tailors his message to his audience. When he’s speaking to a skeptical audience, he’s going to say it’s all bullshit but leave just enough hanging so the die hards can still call him one of their own. I agree, huge disconnect.

  2. Pete

    I came across this podcast when searching for the possibility of ghost stalkers being renewed. Great discussion. Kudos to the host for asking critical and poignant questions while maintaining a civil discourse, excellent job. I too was shocked by John Tenney’s statement that he is a skeptic, however he does make a convincing argument as to why this does not come across in the show. In the context of mass entertainment, the “science is boring” discussion is absolutely true. I think interest in science and the continuation of the scientific method comes from the powerful outcomes of it’s discoveries. Not blowing s**t up on the Discovery channel. For paranormal research, I am unsure what to make of the discoveries. Confirmation bias tends to cloud all of the results presented from researchers, and lack of reproducibility limits the number of participants to a handful of interested people. I am interested to see how this field evolves over time. Having said that, I agree that these paranormal reality shows tend to poison the field of research, so I hope that their popularity will diminish in coming years.

    1. cwebb619cwebb619 Post author

      Thanks for the comment Pete. After doing that interview and doing another Ghost Stalkers episode review, I’m not sure I buy into John being a skeptic. I think he believes in the paranormal but he is very selective in what he believes and I think that does a disservice to skepticism in general. It adds just enough credibility to a paranormal event that many people may buy into it more just because of that. I touch on this in the upcoming episode 20 where I review the pilot episode of Ghost Hunters.

      I think you are spot on with researching the paranormal. I’ll go out on a limb and say science works to the detriment of the paranormal. As we learn more about cognition and the way the brain works, the paranormal keeps getting pushed more and more to the fringe.

      Thanks for the comment and I hope you come back and listen to more episodes as I continue to discuss the paranormal.


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