Bonus: Interview with Daniel Rumanos

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I spoke with Daniel Rumanos who is an illusionist, magician and paranormal debunker. We talked specifically about Bishop James Long and his role in the Destination America Live Exorcism. We also touched on paranormal reality shows and how Zak Bagans threatened to sue him.

Twitter: DanielRumanos

Rumanos, The Magician Detective


One thought on “Bonus: Interview with Daniel Rumanos

  1. Shaun Underwood

    I think I must become a Elvis Impersonator ..Yes I would trust a guy who did this as a job and claims to be a man of the church. This guys Long sounds like a guy he just wants to be ON TV…nothing wrong with that…Charlatan lol ..The guys a nut.he was putting into prison because people will fail to see he is a con artist and fall for his lies..He is a cheat. Like saying your a doctor when your not!!!!


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