Bonus: Exorcism Live! (M)

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On the eve of Halloween, Destination America aired a live exorcism. I was not able to catch this thrilling event live but I was able to get my hands on the episode and this is what I will be reviewing on this member only episode of Paranormal Skeptic Academy.


3 thoughts on “Bonus: Exorcism Live! (M)

    1. cwebb619cwebb619 Post author

      If you have a Chromecast, should be as easy as casting the YouTube video or even the tab that’s playing the podcast. I know some Android podcasting apps allow you to cast to Chromecast as well

  1. Shaun Underwood

    Time for me to say my peace…(AGAIN) In my many years watching such shows just like this show and investigating the countless claims from investigators and conman just like these con artists i always find myself shouting and shooting my shoe at the TV or now at my pc. I have never heard premeditated waffle like this until tonight.Like you Cwebb I was lucky enough to miss this but after leaving comments for them via the website hoping the provoke some sort of normal response from these cranks but saldy they did and still have not replied. I don’t know how many times I lost count of the mistakes made during this live show..As you know when things are live you cant take back the mistakes made by themselves. Just the names they used to describe there made up equipment in the hope the viewers were way to stupid to think for themselves. I dont know why anyone would watch such bad acting and anyone with half of brain would know its nothing more than staged mockery. In my eyes the only people who would think that any part of this was real still think ghosthunters is real! you had a great point when you said about taking there hands of the glass and if it did move by its self then they would have some ground to at least build on in the way of paranormal activity. Sorry but I just about laughed as much as my body can take for one night. I really dont know why anyone would tune into this but after I made notes of the numbers who believed this was real is massive..I fear where the paranormal world will be in five years from now?

    As a parapsychologist myself there was not one scientific test my niece could not have done as a paranormal investigator they should have done much more to prove or disprove but there was NO objectiveness to be seen from my point of view anywhere? they had already made there minds up before the lights camera and action started rolling. to me this was again a failed experiment on ever level and broken rules in a the basic paranormal handbook ..I think just as you and I and many many others did have the fact that if they can baffle the viewers with there big words and lies on equipment then no one will notice but sadly people do notice but they still give them the number they so crave….guess fame comes with price..I also did notice that not one credited scientists were asked to take part other than what seemed to me a groups of friends that had already talked about how the night should go and how it should look to the stupid public.

    there was no laboratory conditions for any real fact tests or have I miss understood to hold concept I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone in the US when I say (only in America) . I fact it was damn right painful … I just hope we get more constructive comments but you did a great voice over, great show Cwebb and you really did pick out all keys factors they should and you did make the public aware of the shame that is PARANORMAL RESEARCH.

    So painful


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