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Profiles in the Paranormal – Eileen Garrett (V)

https://patreon.com/psa Welcome to the first Profiles in the Paranormal. In these short episodes, I will look at various historical figures and involving. Everyone from skeptics, to scientist, to investigators and psychics. All will be explored. To start things off, our first subject is Irish psychic Eileen Garrett. http://media.blubrry.com/psa/p/paranormalskepticacademy.com/video/profiles/psaprofiles001_eileen_garrett.mp4Podcast (videocast): Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android… Read more »

Episode 42 – Hinsdale House (V)

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https://patreon.com/psa A house in Hinsdale, New York draws Nick and Katrina to investigate its demonic past, and Nick is caught in a psychological war against good and evil. Will he survive? Will what happens here have consequences in a future investigation? This is Paranormal Skeptic Academy! http://media.blubrry.com/psa/p/paranormalskepticacademy.com/video/ep042_hinsdale_house_full.mp4Podcast (videocast): Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android |… Read more »

PSA Short: Zener Cards (V)

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Support the show: http://patreon.com/psa We sit here and joke about the paranormal. We say that currently science shows that the paranormal can’t exist. We say these jabroni’s on these shows aren’t doing science but what if I told you that not too long ago, people attempted to study the paranormal scientifically? Well, it’s true and it started with a man… Read more »

Episode 41- Monkey Business (V)

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Support the show: http://patreon.com/psa The GCBRO responds to a possible sighting of a dead Bigfoot on the side of a road and terrifying devil-monkeys in the woods. At a Bigfoot gathering controversy erupts over whether to kill a Bigfoot or not. Later at night, a chase through the forest. This is Paranormal Skeptic Academy! http://media.blubrry.com/psa/p/paranormalskepticacademy.com/video/members/main/ep041_monkey_business_members.mp4Podcast (videocast): Play in new window… Read more »

PSA Shorts: Haunted Places in America Pt. 4 (V)

Signup to be a member at http://patreon.com/psa Today, we’re going to round out the A’s and head east to Arkansas and visit the Rich Mountain. The details on who or what exactly haunts this Mountain range are conflicting but I will attempt to sort it out and see if there is any truth behind the alleged hauntings at Rich Mountain…. Read more »