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PSA Extra – Brookdale Lodge (V)

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https://patreon.com/psa Pack your bags and join me as we head to Central California. Just outside of Santa Cruz, in the city of Brookdale, sits the Brookdale Lodge. Built at the height of the roaring 20’s and hosting many famous people and politicians, many guests have come and gone but Brookdale Lodge may hold ghostly guest that have never check out!… Read more »

S05E02 – Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Most Haunted) (V)

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Thought to be one of the most haunted locations in North America, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky is truly a horrific location. The team was pushed to their limits at this old run-down and derelict hospital. The team carried out a massive group walk-around because they were too scared to be alone at first, which produced activity that shocked… Read more »

PBS – Skeptical Showdown (Finding Bigfoot) (V)

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The team is in Arkansas, where a group has put up a bounty in exchange for proof of bigfoots’ existence. To sway these skeptics, the team invites them along on their expedition, but will they be able to surface the proof needed to cash in on the reward? This is Paranormal Believers School! http://media.blubrry.com/psa/p/cwebbmedia.com/psavideo/pbs/pbs001_skeptic_showdown_finding_bigfoot.mp4Podcast (videocast): Play in new window |… Read more »

PSA Extra – Fitzsimons Army Medical Center (V)

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https://patreon.com/psa A massive medical complex sits abandoned in Aurora, Colorado. Once the home of Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, it awaits new life, but the past may still haunt this place. Let’s take a trip to the Fitzsimons Army Medical Center and see what ghost of the past we can dig up! http://media.blubrry.com/psa/p/cwebbmedia.com/psavideo/extra/psaextra012_fitzsimons_army_medical_center.mp4Podcast (videocast): Play in new window | Download |… Read more »

S05E01 – Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Ghost Hunters) (V)

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The team heads to Louisville, Ky., to investigate the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Opened in 1926, it was one of the country’s most advanced tuberculosis hospitals, where experimental surgeries were performed. Jason has heard rumors of full-body apparitions, sounds, voices, and screams that have put the building on many paranormal investigators’ to-do lists. This is Paranormal Skeptic Academy! http://media.blubrry.com/psa/p/cwebbmedia.com/psavideo/season05/s05e01_waverly_hills_sanatorium_ghost_hunters.mp4Podcast (videocast): Play… Read more »