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PSA Shorts: Ghost Vs. Physics (A)

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I don’t claim to have a working knowledge of every scientific discipline and like most of us, I rely on experts to help shape my opinions. I am, however, good at researching and analyzing material and claims. I like to think I am a good critical thinker and this allows me to analyze material and present it to you here,… Read more »

PSA Shorts – Motivated Reasoning (A)

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What makes seemingly otherwise intelligent people believe some wild things? What makes people not only believe in conspiracies and alternative histories but defend them tooth and nail? Motivated reasoning is a key component in these justifications and rationalizations. In this PSA Short, I’ll examine motivated reasoning and its impact on cognitive biases. This is Paranormal Skeptic Academy. Podcast: Play in… Read more »

PSA Shorts – Critical Thinking (A)

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The purpose of this podcast is to entertain, to inform and to educate. In the intro to my show, I say “using critical thinking and scientific evidence to analyze your favorite ghost hunting shows.” I think the skeptical movement as a whole, prides itself as a movement made up of critical thinkers. But what is critical thinking? What does it… Read more »

PSA Shorts – Shadow People (A)

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When you watch as many paranormal shows as I have, you begin to notice trends and you realize that they are all pretty much the same. Granted, most of the shows have their own gimmick but the same trends are still noticeable. Whether it’s EVP’s, EMF’s or shadow people, all paranormal shows have one of these three elements, if not… Read more »

PSA Shorts – Ghost Feeling (A)

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Welcome to Paranormal Skeptic Academy Shorts. Today’s short comes to us via nature.com. A team a researches from Norway consisting of neuroscientist and robotics engineers set out to study what causes the feeling of a presence outside of oneself, something that is indeed relevant to ghost hunting. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

Episode 3 – Science and Skepticism (A)

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I’m not a scientist and I am assuming most of you are not either.  I’m a skeptic but what does that mean?  If you ask a dozen people, you’ll get a dozen different answers.  I think skepticism exist on a spectrum.  You have people at one end that distrust everything that is told to them and question every answer given… Read more »