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Episode 14 – Springfield State Hospital (Ghost Stalkers) (A)

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Chad and John investigate the abandoned Springfield State Hospital, a former mental hospital that mistreated the mentally insane. The town sits on underground springs, which may be a conductor of all the paranormal activity on the complex, as well as forming a portal or doorway to another world. Chad and John go on an investigation in the Warfield “W” Buildings… Read more »

Bonus: Interview with John Tenney (A)

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Welcome Paranormal Skeptic Academy listeners! I have a special guest with me today, John Tenney, co-host of the Destination America show Ghost Stalkers. As most of you know, I reviewed the first episode of Ghost Stalkers in episode 13. John listened to some of it and commented on the episode at the paranormalskepticacademy.com website. I invited John on the the… Read more »

Episode 13 – Whispers Estate (Ghost Stalkers) (A)

In the series premiere, the Ghost Stalkers duo of paranormal investigators Chad Lindberg and John Tenney, both bonding on near-death experiences investigate the Whispers Estate, a Turn of the Century Victorian-style house that some believe is evil. They and many others are convinced that all the negative energy comes from a portal located in the basement, making its way up… Read more »