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Episode 20 – Altoona (Ghost Hunters) (A)

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We are introduced to Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, co-founders and lead investigators for The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). Their Technical Manager, Brian, tells them of an interesting case. The home they are to investigate is in Altoona, PA which is several hours away, but because of the dramatic nature of the case they decide to make the long drive…. Read more »

Episode 17 – Fogarty (Paranormal Home Inspectors) (A)

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The Paranormal Home Inspectors are called to a home by Catherine, the new homeowner. She claims that strange things started happening right after she moved in and started renovating. Are powers from the beyond at work, or are the occurrences explainable? This is Paranormal Skeptic Academy! Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

PSA Shorts – Critical Thinking (A)

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The purpose of this podcast is to entertain, to inform and to educate. In the intro to my show, I say “using critical thinking and scientific evidence to analyze your favorite ghost hunting shows.” I think the skeptical movement as a whole, prides itself as a movement made up of critical thinkers. But what is critical thinking? What does it… Read more »

Episode 14 – Springfield State Hospital (Ghost Stalkers) (A)

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Chad and John investigate the abandoned Springfield State Hospital, a former mental hospital that mistreated the mentally insane. The town sits on underground springs, which may be a conductor of all the paranormal activity on the complex, as well as forming a portal or doorway to another world. Chad and John go on an investigation in the Warfield “W” Buildings… Read more »

Bonus: Interview with John Tenney (A)

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Welcome Paranormal Skeptic Academy listeners! I have a special guest with me today, John Tenney, co-host of the Destination America show Ghost Stalkers. As most of you know, I reviewed the first episode of Ghost Stalkers in episode 13. John listened to some of it and commented on the episode at the paranormalskepticacademy.com website. I invited John on the the… Read more »

PSA Shorts – Ghost Feeling (A)

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Welcome to Paranormal Skeptic Academy Shorts. Today’s short comes to us via nature.com. A team a researches from Norway consisting of neuroscientist and robotics engineers set out to study what causes the feeling of a presence outside of oneself, something that is indeed relevant to ghost hunting. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

Episode 11 – The Houghton Mansion (Ghost Adventures) (A)

Ghost Adventures head to North Adams, MA, to investigate the Houghton Mansion. The Houghton family experienced several tragic deaths there. Later, the mansion was sold to the secretive Masons, and they have experienced numerous paranormal events. Zak, Nick, and Aaron travel there hoping to capture these spirits on camera. This is Paranormal  Skeptic Academy! Podcast: Play in new window |… Read more »