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Episode 15 – Vegas (Paranormal State) (A)

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PRS travels to Sin City to investigate a 14-year old medium who claims to be visited by the spirit of a dead girl she calls “Emily”. When Ryan discovers that “Emily” is in fact a real-life murder victim from San Antonio, he dispatches Katrina to the scene of the crime and recruits psychic Chip Coffey to mentor the budding teenage… Read more »

PSA Shorts – Critical Thinking (A)

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The purpose of this podcast is to entertain, to inform and to educate. In the intro to my show, I say “using critical thinking and scientific evidence to analyze your favorite ghost hunting shows.” I think the skeptical movement as a whole, prides itself as a movement made up of critical thinkers. But what is critical thinking? What does it… Read more »

Episode 14 – Springfield State Hospital (Ghost Stalkers) (A)

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Chad and John investigate the abandoned Springfield State Hospital, a former mental hospital that mistreated the mentally insane. The town sits on underground springs, which may be a conductor of all the paranormal activity on the complex, as well as forming a portal or doorway to another world. Chad and John go on an investigation in the Warfield “W” Buildings… Read more »

Bonus: Interview with John Tenney (A)

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Welcome Paranormal Skeptic Academy listeners! I have a special guest with me today, John Tenney, co-host of the Destination America show Ghost Stalkers. As most of you know, I reviewed the first episode of Ghost Stalkers in episode 13. John listened to some of it and commented on the episode at the paranormalskepticacademy.com website. I invited John on the the… Read more »

PSA Shorts – Shadow People (A)

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When you watch as many paranormal shows as I have, you begin to notice trends and you realize that they are all pretty much the same. Granted, most of the shows have their own gimmick but the same trends are still noticeable. Whether it’s EVP’s, EMF’s or shadow people, all paranormal shows have one of these three elements, if not… Read more »

Episode 13 – Whispers Estate (Ghost Stalkers) (A)

In the series premiere, the Ghost Stalkers duo of paranormal investigators Chad Lindberg and John Tenney, both bonding on near-death experiences investigate the Whispers Estate, a Turn of the Century Victorian-style house that some believe is evil. They and many others are convinced that all the negative energy comes from a portal located in the basement, making its way up… Read more »

Episode 12 – Old War Memorial Hospital (Ghost Asylum) (A)

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In the series premiere, a group of ghost hunters called the Tennessee Wraith Chasers (TWC) hunt for ghosts at Kentucky’s Old War Memorial Hospital, where they search for the spirit of a doctor rumored to be haunting the halls of the facility. This is Paranormal Skeptic Academy! Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS