PSA Shorts – Jesus Mask (A)

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Be skeptical! Sounds like good advice for most but often the burden of being a skeptic is heavy. We skeptics are usually the mood killer with our “actually, studies show…” or “that’s not true, this is true…” We are usually the vocal critics in the room, the person to break the status quo or the lone dissenting voice in a group. Even though we can be annoying and people roll their eyes when we start to speak or say “what does it matter? If acupuncture made him feel better, what’s it to you?” We are skeptical in an unskeptical world but if we build our reputations right, if we offer enough unsolicited advice, we can become the go-to person when someone we know questions something around them. Even though we can come across arrogant and know-it-all’s, people more often than not, trust our judgement.