PSA Shorts – EMF Meters (A)

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You wind your way through empty halls and deserted rooms, stepping carefully to avoid furniture and crumbling bricks. The moon is tucked behind some clouds so light is at a premium. You want to turn your on flashlight but you resist. You hold a video camera out in front, using the small viewfinder as your only source of sight, the green glow of the screen lighting your way. In your other hand, you hold a device with small lights that curve in an arch from green to yellow to red. You are hoping someone or something will make those lights flash and you hope it goes all the way to red. You get closer to a room said to contain a certain energy, the energy of long since passed patients that were said to have been tortured here. You hope to catch something. A shadow. A mist. A cool draft. As you enter the room, the device in your hand starts to react. The first few green light flash on the off then flash on then off again. Then it reaches the yellow as you enter the room. Now it flashes through green all the way to yellow until you reach the center of the room and when you do, it pegs out on red and let’s out a high pitched beeping. That is what you were looking for, that is the evidence you needed. Something is here with you and you start asking it questions.