Episode 3 – Science and Skepticism (A)

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I’m not a scientist and I am assuming most of you are not either.  I’m a skeptic but what does that mean?  If you ask a dozen people, you’ll get a dozen different answers.  I think skepticism exist on a spectrum.  You have people at one end that distrust everything that is told to them and question every answer given in spite of the evidence.  This type of skepticism borderlines on paranoia.  Alex Jones comes to mind when I think of this type.  On the other end of the spectrum you have professional skeptics.  People who study and question claims based on the available evidence and these people are researchers, Ph. D’s and other professionals.  Most people listening to this podcast fall within the middle of this spectrum.  We are not professional skeptics but we accept mainstream scientific knowledge and rely on experts to help inform our opinions but what keeps us from sliding into Alex Jones territory?  Is it anti-psychotics? Mind controlling vaccinations?  It’s something more sinister than that, something that we all should possess but very few actually have…critical thinking skills.