Bonus: The Clyde Investigation

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After last months, Haunted Case Files, I wanted to bring it back for another go around. In this episode, we’ll look at the Clyde Investigation. This isn’t your typical paranormal investigation, it’s not a historical place but instead, is someone’s home. This investigation took place in 2012 in Clyde, Ohio. We’re going to examine the evidence presented in this member… Read more »

Bonus: Prospect Place (M)

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Welcome members and thank you for your continued support. In this episode, we’re going to look at the show Haunted Case Files. This show is pretty straight forward. We are shown three cases and with each case, those involved tell their story about their investigation of an alleged haunted location. They mix in reenactments and actual footage and photos from… Read more »

Bonus: Library Ghost (M)

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John Zaffis & his paranormal team search for the source of a haunting. They investigate a public library in Deep River Connecticut where an entity torments visitors. What item has attracted this entity? Find out this and more in this members only episode of Paranormal Skeptic Academy.

Bonus: Haunted Mansion (M)

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After choosing two compelling cases to investigate, Ben, Austin and Chi-Lan travel to Alton, Illinois to test a mysterious cloud of mist that appears in a video taken inside the historic – and reportedly haunted – McPike Mansion. This is Paranormal Skeptic Academy!

Bonus: Starlight Intruder (M)

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Bill, Jael and Larry take off to Northern California to investigate a strange UFO case in Fremont. They attempt to replicate the delta shaped light formation seen in the footage by launching a variety of illuminated objects into the sky and obtain surprising results in this members only episode of Paranormal Skeptic Academy!

Bonus: Cianco (M)

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Gather around as we watch one of my favorite Paranormal Reality Shows!

Bonus: Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (M)

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Zak, Nick and Aaron are locked down in Weston, West Virginia’s Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. This former psychiatric hospital has countless claims of paranormal activity. This is the cut-down version of their 7-hour live investigation! This is Paranormal Skeptic Academy!

Bonus: Bodmin Gaol (M)

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My live reaction to an episode of Most Haunted where our psychic friend Derek is setup to look like a fool!

Bonus: Temple of Doom (M)

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The team opens the season in Peru for an investigation of the Chavin Ruins, tunnels that once served as an aqueduct system for the ancient civilization. But interpretations of hieroglyphics tell a darker side of the plaza’s history. GHI investigates claims of paranormal activity and legends of a magical stone. This is Paranormal Skeptic Academy!

Bonus: The Sickness (M)

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I said I wouldn’t do it but here I am, reviewing one more episode of Paranormal State. The show that started this podcast! I’m doing this at the request of a fan @postshaggy on twitter. This is a member’s only episode but I’m giving it to everyone for free because I clearly have no idea on how to run a… Read more »