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Members: Altoona – Pt. 2 (M) (A)

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Welcome members to this bonus episode of paranormal skeptic academy. We are picking up at the end of the first episode of Ghost Hunters – Altoona. I’ll tell you, I wasn’t too impressed with that first episode. I expected more but I can forgive them for their short comings. This was a new type of reality show and I did… Read more »

Members: Pyramid Power (M) (A)

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To me, the most fascinating part about researching the paranormal is the mundane answers that explain paranormal events. They can range from radio static to misidentifications to hoaxes. Rarely is the explanation more entertaining than the alleged event. Well, to some people it’s not but to me the mundane details, the simple explanations, it’s why I love doing this podcast…. Read more »