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Members: The Sickness (M) (A)

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I said I wouldn’t do it but here I am, reviewing one more episode of Paranormal State. The show that started this podcast! I’m doing this at the request of a fan @postshaggy on twitter. This is a member’s only episode but I’m giving it to everyone for free because I clearly have no idea on how to run a… Read more »

Members: Ancient Haunts (M) (A)

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The team heads to Dundas, Ontario, Canada to visit a man who claims to be experiencing strange happenings in his home. After the death of his father, Nick and his family have been experiencing odd activity in their custom built home. Nadine, the psychic gets a feeling and Michelle tries to make historical connections. But who is right in this… Read more »

Members: Robert the Doll (M) (A)

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Children of the 80’s probably remember the movie Child’s Play were a doll inhabited by a voodoo practicing serial killer wrecks havoc on anyone who comes in contact with it. Apparently, Good Guy doll Chucky is based on a real life doll call Robert the Doll. I know, how creative but there is a story here and something I feel… Read more »

Members: The Devil’s Footprints (M) (A)

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I bring to you another tale from the book Real-Life X-Files by Joe Nickell: The Devil’s Footprints in this member’s only episode of Paranormal Skeptic Academy. This content is restricted to paid members. Click HERE to Sign Up!

Members: Legend of the Petrified Girl (M) (A)

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The story goes that in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s depending on which account your read, during the removal of coffins from graves, the fully intact, petrified remains of a young lady were found. The town of Ezel was experiencing a typhoid epidemic and it was said that the rotting corpses in the cemetery were contaminating the ground water…. Read more »

Members: Altoona – Pt. 2 (M) (A)

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Welcome members to this bonus episode of paranormal skeptic academy. We are picking up at the end of the first episode of Ghost Hunters – Altoona. I’ll tell you, I wasn’t too impressed with that first episode. I expected more but I can forgive them for their short comings. This was a new type of reality show and I did… Read more »