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Episode 21 – Hayswood Infirmary (M) (A)

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I am back with one of my favorite ghost hunting teams, Tennessee Wraith Chasers or what I like to call them, the Redneck MacGyver’s. This is episode three of Ghost Asylum from their first season as aired on Destination America. They boys travel to Maysville, Kentucky to investigate the abandoned Hayswood Hospital . . . This content is restricted to… Read more »

Members: Altoona – Pt. 2 (M) (A)

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Welcome members to this bonus episode of paranormal skeptic academy. We are picking up at the end of the first episode of Ghost Hunters – Altoona. I’ll tell you, I wasn’t too impressed with that first episode. I expected more but I can forgive them for their short comings. This was a new type of reality show and I did… Read more »

Episode 20 – Altoona (M) (A)

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We are introduced to Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, co-founders and lead investigators for The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). Their Technical Manager, Brian, tells them of an interesting case. The home they are to investigate is in Altoona, PA which is several hours away, but because of the dramatic nature of the case they decide to make the long drive…. Read more »

Episode 19 – Bigfoot Crossing in Georgia (M) (A)

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Finding Bigfoot, where to begin? I could start with the evidence of bigfoot’s existence or a bio on each cast member or I can just stop right here before going down this rabbit hole but for you dear listeners, I am jumping into this rabbit hole feet first . . . This content is restricted to subscribers

Members: Pyramid Power (M) (A)

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To me, the most fascinating part about researching the paranormal is the mundane answers that explain paranormal events. They can range from radio static to misidentifications to hoaxes. Rarely is the explanation more entertaining than the alleged event. Well, to some people it’s not but to me the mundane details, the simple explanations, it’s why I love doing this podcast…. Read more »