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Episode 5 – The Name (Paranormal State) (A)

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Ryan Buell and company set out on one of their most dangerous cases to date–to help a single mother who is experiencing paranormal activity in a home that was once the site of a brutal murder. The team enlists the assistance of psychic Chip Coffey, but the case is turned upside down when it’s discovered that Ryan himself is the… Read more »

Episode 4 – Sixth Sense (Paranormal State) (A)

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A worried mother calls the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) to help her son Matthew, a boy who sees dead people. Matthew’s story strikes a chord with team leader Ryan Buell–who also experienced paranormal activity as a child. Could this just be the active imagination of a child? Ryan investigates, with the help of a psychologist and the PRS team, and… Read more »

Episode 3 – Science and Skepticism (A)

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I’m not a scientist and I am assuming most of you are not either.  I’m a skeptic but what does that mean?  If you ask a dozen people, you’ll get a dozen different answers.  I think skepticism exist on a spectrum.  You have people at one end that distrust everything that is told to them and question every answer given… Read more »

Episode 2 – Paranormal State Background (A)

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In this episode of Paranormal Skeptic Academy, I am going to give some background on the cast of Paranormal State, where they came from, where they’ve been and where they are now.  This will lay the foundation for the rest of this podcast where I examine specific episodes from the Paranormal State show.  If you have not had a chance,… Read more »

Episode 1 – PSA Introduction (A)

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Before we start out on this journey into paranormal reality shows, we need to familiarize ourselves with some of the lingo and tools of the trade.  In this introduction video, I am going to take you through some common tools that are used by ghost hunters and explain how they use them. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android… Read more »